Let's add some color

1/20/2015 Rebelle du Jour 0 Comments

I don't know what is is with nail polish but for me, a polish can make or brake an outfit. Jeans shorts with loose tee? Great with nude or peach polish. Fancy gold dress? Dramatize it with a dark red color on your nails.

When painting my nails, which I usually do in the evening, I'm picturing an outfit in my head that will match my polish flawlessly.
When you already have the basic colors a.k.a. Red, dark blue and nude you're going to want to but additional colors. 
My favorites are shown above. With a carefully selected selection you won't need 40 colors (but nobody said you can't) to complete your wardrobe.
What's your go-to color when it comes to Nail Polish? 


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