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5/15/2015 Megan 0 Comments

This year me and my fiancé are engaged for 3 years now and we're planning on getting married next year. This seems like a very long time to most people, but when my bf asked me to marry him, we didn't have the urge to start planning the wedding right away.
I'm not the type of girl who keeps waiting and hinting for a proposal so when I was asked, I was so happy and over the moon I just wanted to enjoy being someones fiancé.
Then I got pregnant and I knew I didn't want to be pregnant on my own wedding so it was 'put on hold (is it really putting on hold, when you never started planning?) again. 
Now we really set a date (Yay!) and although it's still more than a year away I can't wait to start the planning. Except there is one tiny little hiccup; I'm not really the planning-type. How does one plan a wedding. But really. 
Where do you start? What needs to be done. I saw schedules on Pinterest and my eye started twitching immediately. I need your help here!

How did you plan your wedding while staying sane and not forgetting anything? 

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