Sunday brunch at The Hoxton

There's a new hotspot in town and it's called The Hoxton. Well actually I think it's safe to say it's The Hoxton's restaurant Lotti's. 
After hearing so many good stories about The Hoxton in London I couldn't wait to visit the hotel when it opened in Amsterdam. Lotti's is a great place to meet up with friends, louning in the Chesterfields while sipping a cocktail or enjoying some delicious food. 
We went there last weekend with friends for a good old Sunday brunch. Oh my, I love brunch so much and Lotti's didn't disappoint. I went off blogger-modus and took only one picture of the food and to be honest it isn't doing the food justice. They had a brunch buffet and literally everything was delicious. Our favorite was the caesar salad and the salmon. But don't forget to leave a little room for their amazing strawberry cheesecake! 

ph. first 2 by yours truly. Last one I grabbed from Pinterest.

Beauty buzz

There's been a buzz going around in beauty world. I've seen pretty girls posting flawless mask faces on instagram and I was dying to find out what that was all about. 
Well, it's about organic beauty brand TruSelf Organics. With their campaign Love Yourself they're on a mission to make girls love themselves starting from the outside with cruelty free organic products.

After reading raving review after raving review I couldn't wait to test it myself. I just ordered the face mask, can't wait to test it out!

I'll keep you posted!

Hashtag Squadgoals

Is my baby cool or what?
Obviously this title should not be taken seriously. But in all seriousness, this kid of mine is one damn cool kid. We bought these Ray Ban sunnies on our latest trip to Curacao and he just loves them as much as we do. Eveytime I put on his sunnies he starts smiling and posing immediately. It is the cutest thing. 

Last weekend we visited my mother and grandma and let Joaquim have some kiddy pool time. He is literally the happiest kid ever around water. Playing with the water and his toys, I could watch him enjoy every minute of every day. After the swimming I got to snuggle with him is his minion bath cape, isn't it the best? 

Raw chocolate birthday cake

Saturday my baby boy turned 1. ONE. Oh my god, where has the time gone? So funny to see how different a day can be a year apart. Still remember him being born like it was yesterday and the intense love and joy I felt. That intense love and joy has never gone away and seeing him so happy devouring his cake was literally the best thing ever!

This recipe is from Dutchie Rens Koes, from her first cookbook Powerfood. The cake contains no sugar, so it's perfectly ok to give to your little ones!

What you'll need:

For the base
- Walnuts 200 gr
- Dates 400 gr
- Raw cocoa nibs 125 gr
- Unsweetened vanilla powder 1 teaspoon
- Pinch of salt

For the cake
- Coconut grain 500 gr
- Cocoapowder 250 gr
- Cocoabutter 4 pieces (20 gr)
- Coconut oil 2 tbsp
- Maple syrup 200 ml
- Unsweetened vanilla powder 1 teaspoon
- Pinch of salt

What you need to do:
- Start by grinding your walnuts and dates in a blender (add the dates bit by bit(
- Add the cocoa nibs, vanilla powder and salt en mix everything together
- Make a solid 'dough' of the mixture and put it in a cake tin (press firmly)
- Mix the coconut grain in a blender until creamy and add all the other ingredients together in a bowl
- Place the mixture on top of the base and put in the fridge for 1 hour (or if longer, make sure to take it out of the fridge on time. Like 5/6 hours before)

Birthday boy!

This saturday (June 27th) was my baby's first birthday. He is now officially not a baby anymore. I cannot believe - Cliché alert - how fast time flew by, but I can honestly say I enjoy every moment to the fullest. He is the best kid I could ever wish for. I love that he
- thinks everything is funny. He cracks up over the most random things
- loves loves loves animals
- LOVES food and thinks everything is delicious (hope this lasts)
- makes me smile every day
- is best friends with his dad
- loves cuddling

I can go on and on like this forever, he is just the best.
After the cake eating we went to this goat farm in Amsterdam. It's so much fun for kids! You can buy little bottles of milk and feed baby goats, Joaquim really loved it. It was the cutest, seeing him trying to give the baby goat a bottle. He's such an animal lover, so I think he had the time of his life. 
Can you tell he also enjoys the swing? ;)

Healthy living \\ Sweet potato salad

This sweet potato salad is literally the easiest thing ever. When I made this the other night, I just threw in all the ingredients I like and it turned out delicious.

Thoughts on \\ Getting married

This year me and my fiancé are engaged for 3 years now and we're planning on getting married next year. This seems like a very long time to most people, but when my bf asked me to marry him, we didn't have the urge to start planning the wedding right away.