Birthday boy!

6/29/2015 Megan 0 Comments

This saturday (June 27th) was my baby's first birthday. He is now officially not a baby anymore. I cannot believe - Cliché alert - how fast time flew by, but I can honestly say I enjoy every moment to the fullest. He is the best kid I could ever wish for. I love that he
- thinks everything is funny. He cracks up over the most random things
- loves loves loves animals
- LOVES food and thinks everything is delicious (hope this lasts)
- makes me smile every day
- is best friends with his dad
- loves cuddling

I can go on and on like this forever, he is just the best.
After the cake eating we went to this goat farm in Amsterdam. It's so much fun for kids! You can buy little bottles of milk and feed baby goats, Joaquim really loved it. It was the cutest, seeing him trying to give the baby goat a bottle. He's such an animal lover, so I think he had the time of his life. 
Can you tell he also enjoys the swing? ;)

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