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4/10/2015 Megan 0 Comments

Last March we went on our first family vacation to the always sunny Curacao. We never traveled with a baby before and while people thought -and said- we were crazy going on a 10 hour flight with a baby, our positivity won. 
Joaquim is such a relax baby I didn't worry one bit about the flight. He's always playing, giggling and entertaining people so I didn't see why he would be a totally different kid on the way. 
And I must say; he was a dream. We had a baby crib, which was a total lifesaver since you don't have to put up with a playful baby on your lap for 10 hours. Our flight back was during the night and Joaquim slept the entire time in his crib. Score.

On our holiday itself; that was also a dream. Seeing Joaquim enjoy himself so intensely was literally the best thing ever! He loved to sit on the beach and watch the waves touch his toes, pull back and touch his toes again. It was the sweetest thing.

To me (us) Curacao is a great family destination. People are so so nice, the food is to die for and the weather is obviously perfect all year round. I will do a tell all in another post, about the food, the best beaches and so on.

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