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When it comes to beauty, the easiest way to change your face is to apply eye make up. Layers of mascara, a thin line of eyeliner or natural eyeshadow. We've always been a little obsessed with eyelashes and every time we come across a celebrity (or a friend) with thick, long lashes all we can do is stare.

Now there's a solution for everything on the internet so we did a little research and found some amazing tips and tricks. Natural and not-so-natural.

Lash thickening serum with coconut oil
This first trick in the books is a natural one. All you need are 3 simple, but natural ingredients. 
- 1 tablespoon coconut oil
- 2-4 drops of Lavender oil
- 2 drops of lemon juice

Mix these ingredients together and apply daily on your lashes daily. 
We haven't tried this for ourselves but are super curious, so if anyone has results to share; please let us now!

Revitalash lash serum
This is supposed to be a magic liquid, which created beautiful full and long lashes. Just type "Revitalash" in at Google Images and enjoy. We can't get enough of the Before's and Afters and actually can't wait to try it for ourselves. 

Stimulash lash serum
Compatible with Revitalash, but the reviews are slightly less raving. This one gives some of the users a grayish line on the eyelid. As if you are wearing eyeliner all the time. Not a bad thing if you ask us, but it could be a downer for some.

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