Let's reflect

12/30/2014 Megan 0 Comments

Let us reflect on all the good things 2014 brought us. For me personally it was a great year with lots of emotions, excitement, new life and lots of love.

Actually 2014 was all about our newborn baby Joaquim. At the end of 2013 I got pregnant so the first part of 2014 was all about looking forward to our baby. The second part was all about enjoying our baby.
Of course you never stop enjoying your baby -Unless they poop/cry/don't sleep 24/7- since we were very lucky to receive the most relax baby on earth. Sleeping in, staying in bed the entire day; baby J loves it.
I also loved the 4 months maternity leave in the middle of the summer. I can't recall another time where we went so much to the beach. Which also resulted in a beach & water loving baby.

Anyway, enough babytalk? As you can tell we're over the moon and can't wait for 2015 to bring us more beautiful moments!

What were your highlights of 2014?

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